Tea Menu

Sangthai Tea Menu - Updated 2016

Coffee Menu

Espresso    £1.60

For those who like their coffee..neat! 7 grams of freshly ground coffee, tamped to 30 pounds per square inch, brewed for 25 seconds under 9 Bar pressure, with filtered water at  exactly 90ºC! 

Double Espresso  £2.50

When it’s this good a single espresso never seems enough. 

Cappuccino  £2.50

A double shot of espresso with equal parts of hot, steamed milk and milk foam, liberally dusted with chocolate powder. Steaming the milk imparts a delicious, sweet flavour.

Latté  £2.50

The ultimate milky coffee. A single shot of espresso with lots of freshly steamed milk and a scoop of foam. 

Mocha  £2.75

Chocolate and coffee combined for a sweet sensation. A double shot of espresso with fresh steamed milk and a large shot of chocolate syrup – delicious!

Hot Chocolate  £2.50

Fresh, steamed milk whisked with a large shot of chocolate syrup,for the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had!

Americano  £2.50

A double shot of espresso with steaming hot water to make a filter-style coffee, but with more flavour. Cream and sugar can be added to taste.

Liqueur Coffee  £4.95

Espresso blended with liqueur and topped with a layer of cream. Irish (whiskey), Scotch (whisky), Jamaican (Rum), French (Cognac), Italian (Amaretto)… and many others.