70  Popia Tod Jay  Home-made Thai spring rolls. Light and crispy wrappers surrounding a tasty mix of stir-fried vegetables, oriental mushrooms and rice noodles. Served with a sweet and sour plum sauce.  £5.95 

71  Pak Roum Tod  Mixed vegetables, battered and fried, served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce. £6.95

74   Tofu Tod  Golden chunks of fried bean curd, served with a sweet and spicy sauce made from tamarind and soy garnished with sesame seeds, ground peanuts and fresh coriander.  £5.95 

77   Vegetarian Starter Selection for 2 persons  Satay Pak (barbecue-grilled vegetables on skewers), Popia Tod Jay (spring rolls) and Pak Roum Tod (vegetables in crispy batter). Served with home made dipping sauces.  £12.95  (for 3 persons £19.50)


Individual portions, which can be served as starters if required. 

78  Tom Yum Hed   Mushrooms in hot & sour soup flavoured with lemon grass, lime leaves and chillies.  £4.95

79  Tom Kha Hed  Mushrooms in a soup made with coconut milk and flavoured with lemon grass, lime leaves and galanga (kha, a type of ginger).  £4.95 


80  Pat Pak Roum  Stir-fried mixed vegetables in soy sauce.  £9.95

81 Tofu Pad Khing  Stir-fried tofu with ginger, bean sprouts and soy sauce.  £9.95

82   Priew Wan Pak  Mixed vegetables in our special ‘home-made’ sweet and sour sauce.  £9.95

84  Gaeng Penang Tofu  Tofu cooked in a rich Penang red curry flavoured with lime leaves.  £9.95

85  Gaeng Keowan Pak Pasom  Thai green curry. Vegetables cooked in coconut milk with basil and lime leaves.  £9.95

86  Gaeng Pet Pak Pasom  Vegetables in a rich and spicy red curry flavoured with basil.  £9.95

87   Gaeng Karee Jay  A vegetarian version of our classic Thai yellow curry. Vegetables (yes, the potatoes are authentic) cooked in coconut milk flavoured with coriander seeds, lemon grass and aromatic spices.  £9.95

88  Tofu Shu Shi  Tofu, deep-fried and topped with a spicy sauce made from red curry paste and coconut cream flavoured with lime leaves.  £9.95

89  Gaeng Massaman   A rich coconut curry with peanuts and potatoes in an aromatic sauce.  £9.95

90   Pad Thai Jay  The classic Thai noodle dish with stir-fried vegetables.  £9.50 

26  Som Tam  The traditional spicy salad of northern Thailand. Shredded vegetables, tomatoes, garlic and chillies are pounded in a stone mortar together with Thai preserves and spices.  £8.75