Our Try Thai menu is not being offered at present.


‘Home-made’ starters served with our own-recipe dipping sauces.     

1   Popia Tod Home-made Thai spring rolls. Light and crispy wrappers surrounding a tasty mix of chicken with stir- fried vegetables, oriental mushrooms and rice noodles.

Also as a vegetarian option (70 on our main menu).

2   Gai Satay Marinated strips of the chicken fillet, barbecue grilled and served with our own peanut sauce. 

5  Kradoog Moo Ob Pork spare ribs coated with our own special marinade and cooked until meltingly tender.

9  Si Oua A rich pork sausage made by ourselves with only minced belly pork and lots of herbs and spices such as: chillies, lime leaves, turmeric and galangal.

12 Tom Yum Goong Prawns in a hot and sour soup flavoured with lemongrass, lime leaves and chillies.

14  Tom Kha Gai A rich and aromatic soup made from chicken breast cooked in coconut milk,  flavoured with lemongrass, lime leaves and kha ginger.

71  Pak Roum Tod Mixed vegetables, battered and fried, served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce. 

74  Tofu Tod Golden chunks of fried bean curd, served with a sweet and spicy sauce made from tamarind and soy garnished with sesame seeds, ground peanuts and fresh coriander.

79  Tom Kha Hed Mushrooms in a soup made with coconut milk flavoured with lemongrass, lime leaves and kha ginger. 




30  Gaeng Keowan Classic Thai green curry. Pieces of tender chicken breast or beef and vegetables cooked in coconut milk flavoured with basil and lime leaves.  Also as a vegetarian option (85 on our main menu).

32  Gaeng Karee Thai yellow curry. Chicken, beef, pork or duck (69 on our main menu) cooked in coconut milk flavoured with coriander seeds, lemongrass and special aromatic spices. Also as a vegetarian option (87 on our main menu).

33  Pad Prik Haeng Stir-fried chicken, pork or prawns (42 on our main menu) with onions, dried chillies and roasted cashew nuts. 

35  Pad Gaprao A spicy and aromatic dish of minced chicken, beef or pork stir-fried with fresh chillies, lime leaves and sweet basil.

37  Pad Num Mon Hoy Tender slices of chicken, beef, pork or duck breast, (68 on our menu) stir-fried with vegetables and served in oyster sauce.

38  Pad Priew Wan Stir-fried chicken, pork or prawns with onions and peppers in our special ‘home-made’ sweet and sour sauce. Also as a vegetarian option (82 on our main menu).

52  Pad Thai One of the most famous Thai dishes. Stir-fried noodles with eggs, beansprouts and ground peanuts.Choose chicken, pork or prawns (53 on our main menu). Also as a vegetarian option (90 on our main menu).

80  Pad Pak Roum Stir-fried mixed vegetables in soy sauce. 

88  Tofu Shu Shi Tofu, deep-fried and topped with a spicy and aromatic sauce made from red curry paste and coconut milk flavoured with lime leaves.

Thai jasmine steamed rice is included with main courses, except Pad Thai noodles. Plain egg noodles and others rice (sticky, egg fried or coconut) cannot be substituted but may be added as extra items. 


Only these listed dishes can be chosen for the TRY THAI offer, but any dishes can be added.

 This offer is £25 for a minimum of 2 people, 3 - 7 people will be charged £12.50 each, 8 or more £15 each.

Groups of 8 or more must choose a maximum of 4 starters and 4 mains so we may serve their meal in the style of our set menu banquets.

 A service charge of 10% will be charged for party bookings of 8 or more.